CEUNH Soils Testing Program Fee Schedule

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Test Code Test Name/Description Current Cost
H1 Standard Gardening - conventional and organic recommendations included (pH, nutrients, organic matter) $17.00
  Includes extractable calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, and soil pH. Also includes soil lead screening analysis.
H3 pH (Lime recommendation only) $7.00
  Soil pH only.
H4 Organic Matter (% organic matter content) $5.00
  Organic matter content
H5 Texture class (% sand, silt, clay particles) $25.00
  Determines the actual percentage of sand, silt and clay particles and the corresponding textural class, i.e. sandy loam, silt loam, etc.
H7 Heavy Metals Package (cadmium, chromimum, copper, lead, nickel, zinc) $65.00
  The environmental package determines the total sorbed levels of cadmium, copper, lead, nickel, chromium and zinc in soils using EPA methods.